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Previously Supported Non-Profits

100 Women Who Care Seacoast has donated $46,865 to date!

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April 2024

Rise is a non profit with a mission to embrace all women, provide education and resources to overcome the hardships they have faced, and empower them to live a life of self sufficiency.

Total Donation: $12,205

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January 2024

My Breast Cancer Support was launched in 2011, and has helped over 5,000 local breast cancer patients receive assistance while going through one of the hardest journeys of their lives. They partner with area groups with similar goals to wrap our arms around our neighbors, sisters, and their families.

Total Donation: $11,999

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October 2023

The Aplomb Project is an organization that uses the transformative power of art to uplift trauma survivors, promote creative healing, and present inclusive artistic opportunities. Through collaborative artistic expression, they pay tribute to those who have experienced life-altering trauma.

Total Donation: $12,461

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July 2023

Soul Models is a nonprofit organization serving middle school-aged girls in the Seacoast area of southern Maine and New Hampshire. Their after-school program curriculum follows the central themes of self-care incorporating mind, body, spirit, and heart.

Total Donation: $10,200


"Soul Models is beyond grateful for the donation that we received from 100 Women Who Care!  The 100WWC community is a powerhouse of support that is integral for smaller, local nonprofits like ours. This type of exposure and platform to share our mission with  individuals that are committed to learning and supporting their community is invaluable. The impact that $10,000 will have on our organization extends from operational support to scholarships (and beyond!) is essential. And the experience and energy of being surrounded by 100 women that are committed to making a change in their community, is one we will not forget!  Alone we make a small ripple, but together, we can make waves.  Thank you, 100 Women Who Care, for creating the opportunity and space for us to share our work; we look forward to seeing the other nonprofits that you continue to support in the future!"

Carrie Pena
Executive Director | Seacoast Soul Models

"We are profoundly grateful for your generous donation, which extends a vital lifeline of support to our local breast cancer patients. Your compassion and generosity serve as a beacon of hope through the darkest of times with comfort and resilience. Your contribution alleviates their burdens by nurturing a community of solidarity and kindness. The Pink Angel Fund has already paid a patient's mortgage and funded another’s firewood delivery. This support would not have been possible without the support of 100 Women Who Care Seacoast!

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to making a difference, and for being a radiant symbol of compassion in our community."

Jennie Halstead
Executive Director, Thriver​ | My Breast Cancer Support

"Accepting the big check from 100WWC was a pivotal moment for our new organization. The donations we received allowed us to put together 100 expressive art kits as well as add new programming to help trauma survivors join our community and access the healing power of art. We are forever grateful for the support!"

Danielle Festa
Executive Director | The Aplomb Project